Namrata Kannan

User Experience & Design

3D Design

For the final video, I worked on the 3D Model, lights, animation, cameras, textures in Autodesk 3Ds Max and compiling the video in AfterEffects. My teammate was Susan Buenafe . The rest of the projects were individual.

I took up 3D Design this semester, to enable me to prototype concepts in 3D especially physical objects/interfaces. Along the way I was able to learn a tool, basics of 3D modeling, rigging and animation.

3D Design

Design Opportunity

We were given four assignments ; 2 individual and 2 team-based. The first assignment dealt with constructing a building and the second was creating an avatar. The third and fourth assignments involved working on a short animation.

Design Process

Inspiration and Sketches

Each assignment involved coming up with a concept and generating sketches which demonstrated them. We were asked to describe our inspiration for each design.

Avatar Sketches
3D Modeling

We were asked to explain our design and the tools used to generate different parts. This helped us analyze our choices when we were modeling.

School 3d Model
Lessons Learned

We also spoke about the planned goal and the achieved outcome for each project. We talked about the lessons learned and the reasons for any gaps.

3D Short

The last two assignments were to come with a short animation film. We were asked to come up with storyboards for the different scene and model the scenes. We then worked on animating each of the scenes and adding the light and sound effects. This staggered approach helped us iterate on the feedback we received on our models. We decided to make a short cartoon movie and had to re-work our textures in order to help the characters look more toon like. Animation involved working with rigging and bones. The lights and camera effects were also done in 3Ds Max. The video was compiled in After Effects and sound track in Premiere.

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3&4