Namrata Kannan

User Experience & Design


I am a UX Designer and currently working on simplifying payments at Instamojo. . I have also studied HCI at Carnegie Mellon. I love to talk about design, tech and startups and you can reach me on email and twitter.

Apart from the projects listed here, I have dabbled in some fun 3D design stuff and data visualization. I enjoy sketching, dancing , reading books and hobby coding. I love travelling and the outdoors and have been lucky enough to have lived in four different continents in the past three years. Staying in different places has also taught me a lot about adaptability and understanding your environment; something I hope to bring to my designs.

My journey to UX began as a developer. I used to support applications used by medical representatives for Pfizer, France. During my stint, I got several tickets which dealt users reporting bugs which were nothing but poorly designed functionality. I realized I could change this and decided to pursue my masters in HCI. And now I ensure that any product I work on, the feature that is implemented is what users want and works how they would expect.

“If we want people to like our software we should design it to behave like a likeable person; respectful, generous and helpful” Alan Cooper

Namrata Kannnan: UX Designer