Namrata Kannan

User Experience & Design

iFLIP4: What Do You FLIP4?

iFLIP4 , a New York based startup, is an online platform for social change. It allows users to learn about causes, connect to non-profits and donate to them. It has separate iFLIP4 merchandise and they donate their profits to the users's chosen non-profit. The also want users to connect with one another and become the social network for causes.

  • Role: UX/UI Designer
  • Client: iFLIP4
  • Year: 2013-2014

iFLIP4 Homepage Redesign
iFLIP4 Homepage Redesign

Design Opportunity: Fixing the broken nonprofit system

iFLIP4 aims at reaching out to its audience in 3 different ways; Educate users about social issues, Connect them to non-profits and Motivate them to donate/buy their merchandise/volunteer for their cause.

While the current site caters content, the layout is confusing and causing potential users to turn away quickly. Due to NDA, I can only share snapshots of my work here. You can contact me to discuss my work here in detail.

Design Process: Create a cohesive platform for good

The target audience were Millennials who want to do good but the nonprofit's established practices fail to reach out to them.They don't have the knowledge or resources to begin.

Usability Testing and User Interviews

I had to understand what worked in the existing site and what didn't and what were the major pain points. I conducted six usability tests for the existing site. I asked the user to perform a series of tasks and asked them to think aloud. I also asked them about their experience on the site, previous involvement in charities / causes, level of involvement etc. I also went over quantitative data from Google Analytics such as bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit and created filters to understand user flow around the site. I synthesized the data from the interviews to generate affinity diagrams and sequence diagrams . It helped me understand the breakdowns in the current design and essential new features required (prevent feature creep). Based on my analysis and findings, I generated three personas (two primary and one secondary). wanted to keep in mind their goals, needs and frustrations while working on the redesign.

High School Student Persona College Teenage Persona College Professor Persona
Information Architecture

The redesign called for not just cosmetic changes but an overhaul of the information organization in general. After understanding user's goals and stakeholder expectations I worked on generating a site map and rough layouts of each page. I also made allowances for new features / content which is not there on the existing site. I again tested this with users by using reverse card sorting (tree testing) with Treejack.

iFlip4 Sitemap
Mapping existing & future content
Wireframes, User Testing and UI design

I worked with content team, development team and nonprofits team and generated wireframes/layouts/UI screens. I worked remotely with different teams in different timezones and that provided its own challenges in terms of being able to discuss and share feedback. I also learnt and kept myself updated with several UX guidelines along the way.

iFlip4 across devices
iFlip4 across devices

iFlip4: A new look

The next version of iFlip4 is currently being implemented.