Namrata Kannan

User Experience & Design

Instamojo: Instant payments. Anytime, anywhere.

Instamojo , a startup based out of Banglore, simplifies collecting online payments. All a merchant has to do is to create a payment link for their product, event or service and share it with their customers. It is targeted at small business owners and self-employed individuals. They were part of the fifth batch of 500 startups in October 2012.

  • Role: UX Designer
  • Product: Instamojo
  • Year: 2015


Design Opportunity: Simplifying Online Payments

For small businesses and self-employed individuals in India, collecting payments online is tedious. Several of them rely on ineffecient methods like bank transfer. And payment gateways like CCAvenue can prove to be quite expensive. Instamojo takes care of processing payments so that the entreprenuer can focus on their business. My focus has been to improve the merchant experience on Instamojo.

I learnt that the design of a product is never really done and constantly evolves with the needs of the user base. When in doubt look to your customers and data, in that order (data is useless without context aka the why and without data you don't know what hunches to test aka the what). The sales and support staff are your friends in understanding customer behavior and frustrations. And UX design is sum of all parts; from how the customer decides to come to your site to their actual usage and retention. It has been an engaging journey and I am lucky to work with some really talented engineers, data scientists, designers and product managers.