Namrata Kannan

User Experience & Design

SBSA: Software for bank consultants

As part of my work at Human Factors International I worked as a UX Designer at Standard Bank of South AFrica (SBSA). I worked on the design of of staff assistant software Customer First. This software was used in branches across South Africa for account orgination and service requests. We were optimising the account origination process. I was based in Johannesburg, South Africa during this time period.

  • Role: UX Designer
  • Client: SBSA
  • Year: 2014

Standard Bank of South Africa

Design Opportunity: Improving the account origination process

We had improve the account orgination(AO) experience for both sales consulants and customers across SBSA. Accounts ranged from a simple savings or transactional accounts to applying for loans and overdrafts. We worked in sprints and in an agile software development environment. Our process involved defining user stories and personas at the beginning of the sprint. This was followed by working with business analysts and developers to define and build requirements for each sprint. We then conducted usability tests at the end of each sprint. Since we were working on Business Release 6, we had to ensure our designs were consistent with earlier releases. Significant improvements we pushed for in the process included:

I learnt a lot about the importance of fast and open communication since we worked with multiple large teams. We also evangelised UX across SBSA. Designing financial software, used by thousands of bank consultants, requires buy in from various stakeholders. We emphasised thinking about the customer and in our case the bank conusltants each time a decision was taken.